You’re never too old to party like its 1974

Class of 74 - Still going strongWe’ve again long neglected our little corner of the blogosphere here, but wanted to share a quick update with ye party faithful about a 40th class reunion we attended this week. And boy are we sorry we weren’t old enough to hold a beer bottle in 1974 because judging from the way this class parties, they are stronger than ever and we can only imagine the kind of shenanigans they were getting into back when free love was more than just a slogan and sex, drugs and rock and roll was better experienced than documented on Facebook.
Check out the pix here: Class of 74


le Vielle Brasserie d’Amour

IMG_9036Well, well, well it has been a while, hasn’t it? We missed you, but happily found our way back to where we belong – wearing puffed up hats and watching people put our hand puppets in places where the sun never shines (note to selves: never put bare hand in horse puppet again). Thanks to the lovely Brynn and Shaun who hosted us at La Vielle Brasserie in Lachine for their wedding (organized all the way from beautiful British Columbia), we had ourselves a good old fashion lePartybooth of a time. And we were singularly impressed with the groom encouraging us all to drink more! Enjoy the photos here. Shaun & Brynn’s lePartybooth @ La Vielle Brasserie in Lachine, July 5th, 2014.

le MentaliThé

logo_douglas_fondation_2945_MEvery year we get invited to lots of events where we set up our little mobile photo studio party booth, lay out a whack of costumes, hats, wigs and lots of pink and sparkly things, and snap away at people having a goofy good time. It’s fun, makes people happy, and is a pleasant way to spend a few hours with strangers. In hula skirts. But, we know that there are a lot of people out there for whom playing dress up and smiling for the camera isn’t on the agenda as they are suffering from any number of mental health ailments that all too often are ignored or kept hidden away because their wounds are invisible, and because people feel uncomfortable addressing mental health issues. Thankfully there are lots of other people who are ready and willing to embrace and support people suffering from mental illness. The Douglas Foundation’s Young Ambassadors came out in great numbers at the MentaliThé (MentaliTea) event at the chic Newtown bar last Thursday night, raising over $16,000 for the Douglas Institute. To them, we take our big silly hats off and congratulate them. Then we put them back on, throw on an oversized orange bowtie, maybe a small monkey or two and smile for the camera! Check out the pics here and please read on for more details from the event organizers themselves. Continue reading “le MentaliThé”

le Beer-a-thon

IMG_5482One of our favourite things in life is beer. A happy perk to having a job that involves photographing drunk people wearing silly costumes and making faces at you, is that with some deft handling (don’t try this at home!), we can hold a beer in one hand and shoot our camera with the other. This often results in both a happy and only mildly inebriated photographer, and an extra dose of creative counselling to our subjects, though they rarely need it. And yes, once in a while, a spilled beer, but as long as you’re not in the front row, you’re usually fine. You can judge the results for yourself here.

leAccounting Party

IMG_4833We’re pretty good with numbers, but not nearly as numerate as our hosts this past December at Ernst and Young’s office party who’d devised a game to keep lePartybooth on its toes. Two by two they came, posed and within minutes walked away with their Twofies (selfie x 2?) in hand. We ran a full studio and helped keep the party rolling. By our count, we’ve had about 12,987 people laughing, their way through lePartybooth this year, 8999 different uses of a pink bra, 478 poses involving a straw hula skirt, and at least one really inappropriate use of a horse hand puppet, but hey, we’re not judging.  Check out the pics here.


IMG_4596Sometimes we  just have to pause for a moment and give thanks for having the best job in the world. Not that selling computer hardware and software doesn’t have its rewards (we almost ran into the lucky winners of two large flat screens tvs exiting the parking lot), but your average working Joe gets to go to one, maybe two end of the year bashes, while lePartybooth gets invited to everyone’s office holiday party  – and we love it. Since many companies book early, our holiday season is already in full swing by American Thanksgiving. While it can be a little rough on some of our beloved props (we noted our poor horse hand puppet was subject to some unsolicited affection) we are always glad to be onsite at any party, adding in our own little party within a party boost. Thanks to the folks at PCM (and the helpful staff at Time Supper Club) for bringing us in again this year! Check out the full set of pics here.